Sex: female

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair - Gray & White

Estimated Age: 5 years

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Profile Details

Litter Box Manners:
Fastidious litter box user

Grooming Requirements:
I need at least weekly brushing

Sociability with Cats:
Likes cats, very social

General Personality:
Outgoing, highly social and interactive with all

General Comments

Angie is one of the sweetest cats we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming into the RESCUE family, which considering the number of cats we’ve cared for in our 20+ year history is quite the compliment!  Angie’s sweet and affectionate nature has secured her status as special kitty extraordinaire and volunteer favorite.  You may be wondering what makes Angie stand out…well, it all began when we first met her…

Poor Angie was in sad shape when she joined the RESCUE family.  Angie was suffering from terrible food allergies that left her feeling itchy, miserable, and not enjoying life very much.  After too many baths to count, a change in diet, and lots of TLC, Angie’s scabs healed nicely, she began enjoying interactions with both people and other kitties, and started to dabble in a wonderous activity referred to as “playtime”.  Angie made remarkable progress in a short amount of time…our hearts went out to her when we saw her initial condition and then our hearts were captured by her sweet nature as she showed what a cooperative, good girl she was during each and every bath she received. Even though it took two people to get the job done, we’re pretty sure Angie knew we were doing it to help her feel better. 

Once Angie was feeling and looking fabulous, she was ready, willing, and eager to engage in some serious snuggle sessions.  Angie is very affectionate with her people…the mere thought of being near them sends her into a state of pure bliss!  This love bug is a certified lap kitty who will purr non-stop while you’re petting her, brushing her, or giving her head scratches!   Angie loves to lay next to you when you’re on the couch and is happy to do so for hours at a time which makes her a great companion for reading, binge watching, or catching up with a friend!  Of course, there are times when she decides that lying next to you is no longer satisfactory.  When this happens, Angie has no qualms about happily climbing aboard and cuddling on your stomach or chest for hours.  She literally sat on a volunteer’s stomach for over an hour without moving an inch except to head butt her face into the palm of the volunteer’s hand!  Sometimes it’s tough being a volunteer!  We’re pretty sure she’s going to make someone a good snuggle buddy once it’s time to go to bed as well!  After all, a bed is really a roomier, more comfortable couch, right?!  Angie not only enjoys cuddling with people, she is also open to sharing your lap with another cuddly kitty! 

This sweet, gentle girl has a loud, clear meow that she will use when she decides she wants your attention.  It’s not a one-way street though…Angie knows her name and will come from across the room to trot right over when you call her name!  She’s also a social eater and enjoys company during meals.  Angie finds mealtime to be a great opportunity to catch-up and find out how one another’s day went before moving on to ponder the very meaning of life itself! 

We can’t forget the delight we felt as we watched Angie learn the wonders of playtime.  It didn’t take long for Angie to discover the many joys of chasing feather wands.  It didn’t stop with feather wands though…she became enamored with the cat dancer and wow, when we attached a pipe cleaner to the end of the cat dancer, it became that much more irresistible to our girl.  Upon capture, Angie proudly carries that cat dancer to her lair and then waits for the fun to start all over again.  We’re pretty sure she could play with the cat dancer all day long.  Our sweet girl adores playtime!  Angie enjoys running around with her kitty roommates during playtime as well!

Seeing Angie’s transformation has been incredible!  We’re certain she’ll continue to bloom once she is in a home with a family that she can call her very own.  Our Angie is a precious gem - she’s going to make some lucky family a wonderful companion!




Medical History

Spay/Neuter Date: 3-in-1 Date: 04/14/2017
Maricopa County A Number: Avid:
Declawed: No