Sex: female

Breed: Oriental Shorthair

Estimated Age: 3 years

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Profile Details

Litter Box Manners:
Fastidious litter box user

Grooming Requirements:
I need at least weekly brushing

Sociability with Cats:
Likes cats, very social

General Personality:
Outgoing, highly social and interactive with all

General Comments

Jasmine is an enchanting Oriental Shorthair who adores playtime and loves her people!

Jasmine is super energetic, playing with any toy she sees!  If she had to pick any toy to have with her on a desert island, it would be pipe cleaners, paws down.  Holy cow, does this girl go bananas for pipe cleaners!!  She can’t get enough of them and has even been caught chewing on 2 at the same time!  You can’t talk about Jasmine’s playtime antics without mentioning her love of wand toys and cat dancers…she is amazingly agile, leaping high into the air in her pursuit of them!  Once she captures the toy that has dared taunt her, Jasmine proudly carries it to her secret lair so you can retrieve the toy and start the game all over again!  Attach pipe cleaners to the end of a wand toy, and Jasmine is in heaven!  Throw a ball, any ball, across the room, and watch as Jasmine takes off at top speed! Jasmine is so fun to watch while she plays!

Jasmine loves attention and affection from her people as well.  She’ll weave around your legs to remind you of how much she loves you before dashing back to her pipe cleaners and other assorted toys!  When she’s ready for some down time, she’ll sit right next to you and give you some good-natured head butts.  If you don’t take the hint, she’ll rub her head into your hands to request that petting commence immediately!  Jasmine has even been observed rolling over and showing off her fluffy belly in an attempt to lure you in for some quality one-on-one time!  If that tactic doesn’t work, you’ll leave Jasmine with no choice but to take over your lap!  Jasmine has been known to take it to the next level in her quest for snuggle time…literally…Jasmine once climbed aboard a volunteer’s shoulder to say hello!  Our sweet girl is happy to engage in any type of cuddling with  her people, as long as it involves head and face scratches!  Jasmine also appreciates good conversation and good meals.

As much as Jasmine adores people, she has room in her heart for other friendly kitties and enjoys their company as well! In fact, we caught Jasmine curled up with another RESCUE kitty sharing the top floor of a kitty condo!  A definite “Aww…” inducing moment if there ever was one!  She also has a fun game that she plays with fellow RESCUE kitty Nellie…Jasmine hides under packing paper so Nellie can jump on her!

Jasmine was sad and confused when her last family moved away and didn’t want to take her with them.  With the love and reassurance she has received since then, Jasmine has put that behind her and is looking forward with excitement and anticipation to her future and the forever family she knows is out there looking for her.  Whoever that lucky family is, when they adopt Jasmine, they will be adding a lot of love and laughter to their home.  Jasmine has an amazing personality and becomes friends with everyone she meets!  If ever there were a perfect kitty, it is Jasmine.  This girl is a gem!

RESCUE History

Jasmine was adopted from the Humane Society as a kitten.  Sadly a year later her owner brought her back when she moved.  

Medical History

Spay/Neuter Date: 3-in-1 Date: 09/18/2018
Maricopa County A Number: Avid:
Declawed: No