Farrah RESCUE Profile

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Sex: female

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair - Black Smoke

Estimated Age: 2 years


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Profile Details

Litter Box Manners:
Fastidious litter box user

Grooming Requirements:
I need at least weekly brushing

Sociability with Cats:
Likes cats, very social

General Personality:
Friendly and social

General Comments

Little Farrah Pawcet is a striking gal with her ebony fur coat, fluffy tail, and stunning golden eyes.  She’s a tiny thing with a larger than life purrsonality!  Farrah is not shy and will immediately approach you for attention and affection.  As you succumb to her demands and begin to pet her, you will be rewarded with a purr motor that kicks into high gear and chirps (yes chirps!) of happiness!  Farrah likes being brushed and will also allow you to hold her for brief periods of time before she decides it’s time to play.

Farrah may be petite but she has a huge appetite for playtime…and for mealtime!  This curious gal loves to explore her surroundings and considers the world to be her playground!  Farrah is a bundle of energy, playing with anything you put in front of her.  Some of her favorite toys are pipe cleaners and fabric wand toys.  That doesn’t mean other toys should rest easy…no sirree!  This active kitty becomes a blur as she runs laps back-and-forth through hallways and rooms, attacking toys as she goes!  It’s very entertaining to observe!

This sweet girl not only loves her people, she also loves her fellow feline friends!  She will engage others in play by hiding in a cat tree cubby hole or some other hiding place where she will then pounce on her unsuspecting friend!

Farrah is a sweet, affectionate kitty that will make a great addition to any family!  Don’t let this one get away!