Emme RESCUE Profile

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Sex: female

Breed: Abbysinian mix

Estimated Age: 2 years


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Profile Details

Litter Box Manners:
Fastidious litter box user

Grooming Requirements:
I need at least weekly brushing

Sociability with Cats:
Likes cats, very social

General Personality:
Friendly and social

General Comments

Emme has got to be one of the most mellow cats of all times.  This gentle tabby is a shy girl with a big heart.  Emme enjoys attention from her people, happy to hang out with you on the couch while you watch tv, read a good book, or zone out for a while.  Emme loves being petted but nothing makes her happier then when you rub her back!  She’ll purr in pure bliss!  After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good back rub? 

If you’re not available to hang out with, all Emme needs is a comfy cat bed where she can snuggle in and make herself at home.  If you can’t find Emme, chances are she’s in one of her beds - she simply loves them!  Emme also does fine with other friendly kitties. 

It’s hard to imagine our sweet Emme, the little girl who loves back rubs and cat beds, as a stray on the streets fending for herself.  Safe and sound at last, Emme is happy to look towards a brighter future, one that includes a family she can call her own!