Finn RESCUE Profile

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Sex: male

Breed: American Shorthaired

Estimated Age: 5 years


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Profile Details

Litter Box Manners:
Fastidious litter box user

Grooming Requirements:
I need at least weekly brushing

Sociability with Cats:
Must have another cat in household

General Personality:
Outgoing, highly social and interactive with all

General Comments

This handsome orange tabby with the bunny soft fur is Finn and he is one sweet little boy!  After some initial shyness, it doesn’t take long for Finn to explore his surroundings and make friends left and right!  Seriously, Finn has never met a stranger.  Finn adores people…he loves to be held and cuddled and one of his favorite places to relax is in his person’s lap!  Finn’s friendly nature extends to other friendly kitties…he’ll follow other cats around like he is their admiring little brother! 

Finn is always happy to partake in playtime and often times makes the most endearing chirping sound while prancing around the room playing!  This funny guy thinks he is part dog, carrying a toy in his mouth, dropping it, and then chasing it all around the room until he captures it again!  Finn is very good at entertaining himself as well, especially if it involves his favorite catnip toy!  Wand toys are another favorite of his, paws down! 

Finn has incredible spirit…when we rescued him, he was recovering from an injury that resulted in Finn having his tail removed…poor little guy.  Finn hasn’t looked back though and is living life to the fullest.  Finn is a wonderful cat who will make a wonderful addition to any home.  He’s looking forward to finding a family who will love and spoil him given the hardships he has overcome.



RESCUE History

 Finn had to have his tail removed due to an injury.