Lucy RESCUE Profile

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Sex: female

Breed: domestic short hair-black and white

Estimated Age: 5 years


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Profile Details

Litter Box Manners:
Fastidious litter box user

Grooming Requirements:
I need at least weekly brushing

Sociability with Cats:
Likes cats, very social

General Personality:
Friendly and social

General Comments

Lucy is all dressed up in her tuxedo and ready to place you under her spell with her mesmerizing tangerine eyes!  You wouldn’t know by looking at her that she, along with 2 other cats, survived being abandoned in a car for 20 hours.

The ordeal didn’t leave a trace of bitterness in this sweet little girl.  Lucy loves pets, being brushed, and anything else that involves being given attention by her humans! 

She doesn’t discriminate when it comes to toys, enjoys other kitties, & likes to lounge on kitty condos.

Lucy has put her painful past behind her & is looking with eager anticipation into the future, a future that will include a family that will love and cherish her always!

RESCUE History

 Lucy was rescued from a car with two other cats.  They had been abandoned in the car for 20 hours.