Arlo RESCUE Profile

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Sex: male

Breed: Chihuahua

Estimated Age: 1 years

Breed: Small (10-20lbs)


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Profile Details

Activity Level:
Average - requires a 20 minute walk a day

Leash Manners:
I am easy to walk and pull very little

Grooming Requirements:
I need regular brushing and the occasional bath

General Personality:
Extremely outgoing - immediately loves everyone

Ideal Family:
Kids above 7 years (i.e. they have some impulse control) | Teenage kids

General Comments

Arlo is an adorable little guy! He rides great in the car. At Pet Club he was very excited to play with the toys and tug with his buddy Enzo. He was very excited when you acted excited to get him to play with the toys and then was just as content to get in your lap and snuggle for some time. He was very good with the other dogs and shared toys appropriately. He is a very typical young Chihuahua with his "killer" tendencies with toys, beds, etc.  If there is fuzz or a squeaker in a toy, Arlo is sure to find it and put it out of its misery!

A must-have in Arlo’s new home is a lap to snuggle in.  This is one of his most favorite activities.  He is a teeny little guy and can make himself even smaller in your lap.  He of course will also need a regular supply of sweaters for the cooler months to help keep his cute little brown body warm! 

If you’re looking for a happy, loving little canine friend, look no further.  Arlo is eager to start the next chapter of his life.  

RESCUE History

 Arlo weighed 9 pounds when we rescued him.