Phoebe RESCUE Profile

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Sex: female

Breed: Beagle

Estimated Age: 7 years

Breed: Medium (21-50lbs)


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Profile Details

Activity Level:
Moderate - requires a daily 30 minute walk

Leash Manners:
I am easy to walk and pull very little

Grooming Requirements:
I require regular professional grooming and bathing (every 6-8 weeks)

General Personality:
Extremely outgoing - immediately loves everyone

General Comments

 Phoebe is a sweetheart!  That the consensus at RESCUE!  If her big brown eyes don't melt your heart, come meet her in person and she will win you over with a few shakes of her tail.  Her loving personality is contagious and is bound to make you smile.  And if you forget to stop loving on Phoebe, she will lean into you, looking at you with those precious eyes pleading with you to rub her some more.

Phoebe is a social butterfly.  She will happily join you on the neighborhood walk, stopping to say hello to the neighbors, or hanging by your side at the dog friendly cafe or if you're looking for a co-pilot for adventures up north, Phoebe is an excellent car passenger but her car navigational skills leave something to be desired.  :) 

Phoebe is looking for a family where she can get plenty of daily snuggle time, walks and a lifetime of love.  If you're in the market for a sweet, loving, social canine friend, look no further.  Phoebe is eager to hear from you.  

RESCUE History

 Phoebe weighed 23.5 pounds when we rescued her.  She had an owner but was surrendered.  The previous owner didn't not want to treat her skin condition.