How exciting is this?! Our big, goofy, boy Maverick has roped himself a wonderful Mom and Dad. As those that have spent any time with Maverick can attest this boy can be a bit aloof and hard to connect with. Genevieve and Pete lost their precious kids within a few months of each other and suddenly found their home very empty without a dog. So they started looking and came across Mav. A meeting was arranged to see if there was a connection which then led to them wanting to foster with the intent to adopt. With this in mind we made arrangements to deliver Maverick to them for a few weeks or so to see how things went. Maverick was excited and over stimulate from the minute we arrived, chasing after bunnies and birds and any moving creature he came across. Within minutes of being there Maverick showed off his ability to swim and his knowledge of how to get out of the pool. Pete was so happy to see this. Once he was dry we ventured inside and Maverick explored every inch. We talked about Mavericks needs and I left with the hope that this was going to be Mavericks forever home. I don't think I was really surprised to receive the message from Pete and Genevieve after 24 hours they were ready to sign the papers and make this beautiful boy their own. Maverick is in for a wonderful life with trips up north, and hikes in the mountains and hours of time in the pool. We couldn't be more excited and happy for our special boy and his new mom and dad and the life that is ahead of them. Thanks to all the volunteers that spent time with Maverick and worked with him to get him ready for his final destination to his new family. I am so happy for this wonderful boy and his new family and look forward to great updates on their adventures together. Oh and we just might see Genevieve around as she is interested in volunteering. Yippee another happy ending.


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