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Sex: Female  
Breed: domestic Short Hair - white and black  
Age Range: Senior Citizen - 9+, sleeps more, your perfect lap warmer!  
Estimated Age: 10 years  
Declawed: No  

Date: 6/ 25/2011
Sweet and I mean Sweet Velvet found her forever home today! She has experienced a lot in her 10 year journey, with a great beginning today joining a wonderful new family!! Ericka and Joe are former RESCUE adopters. They have 2 "older" kitties adopted in early 2000. They recently lost a kitty and through a search for a friend looking to adopt a dog, found Velvet on line and fell in love! Velvet has been in foster since Nov. with Olga and Chad. She has lived a wonderful foster life, learning to be loved and trust again! When we arrived today she was extremely comfortable and confident. She visited each guest with a sniiff and welcoming pets! She loves her toys , turned on her back and showed us what a wonderful cat she is! Needless to say, we were all in love! Ericka and Joe are looking forward to a slow introduction to Velvets new kitty siblings. She will have her own room for a while, filled with beds, toys and a big cat condo! (She loves to be up high)! Thanks to Olga and Chad for providing her a wonderful life. She would NEVER have been as comfortable and ready for her new home if she had not been allowed this great foster home! Enjoy your new life Velvet , you are a fortunate girl loved by many!!

Litter Box Manners: Fastidious litter box user
Grooming Requirements: I need at least weekly brushing

Sociability with Cats: Does fine with other cats, could live with another cat or as the only cat
Sociability with Dogs: Unknown
General Personality: Initially shy and hesitant, will need some time to know they're safe and loved

General Comments: Our first few weeks with Velvet were rather traumatic for this sweet girl with the big golden eyes and soft as bunny fur. Velvet was returned to us after her former family moved out of state. To say that Velvet was confused, scared, and just plain old upset would be an understatement. Her first two weeks with us, she barely ate and found such a good hiding spot that she had volunteers panicking, thinking she had escaped. Velvet was so upset that she isolated herself and would not interact with the volunteers. Well, with time, love, and patience came healing and hope. Velvet now enjoys interacting with volunteers and happily eats her food. In fact, Velvet likes it if you can keep her company while she eats!

When you walk into her room, Velvet eagerly greets you with head bumps, soft meows, and what could almost pass as a smile! Velvet will then S-T-R-E-T-C-H out in front of you; her way of inviting you to pet her! Velvet loves having her head and chin scratched and her ears rubbed...these actions will result in immediate purring. If you're in need of a TV buddy, look no further. Velvet enjoys sitting next to you on the couch and catching up on your favorite TV shows. Although she likes some petting and brushing while hanging out together, she only occasionally takes up residence in your lap, otherwise she is content to simply be near her people. When she's not enjoying quality time with her people, Velvet adores curling up in her kitty bed or burrowing under a blanket for a quick catnap.

Some other fun facts about Velvet...she loves sunning herself! During the day, Velvet will move from one side of the room to another, following the sunny spot wherever it may take her! If the sun isn't available, Velvet is more than happy to make do with a plant light! Her foster parents put a box under their plant light and Velvet quickly claimed it as her own! Another fun fact about Velvet...she is a big help in the kitchen! She likes opening cabinets and will come running when her foster mom begins cooking dinner, loudly asking (ok, demanding) to smell what's being cooked. After her foster mom obliges (with something she knows Velvet won't like), Velvet walks away, satisfied she is not missing out on anything good...although, that doesn't stop her from keeping her foster parents company while they eat their dinner!

Despite the fact that Velvet is a quiet, calm, and very neat kitty, she does have a playful side to her. Velvet likes playing with feather wands of all types, but her paws down favorite would have to be Da Bird, a feather attached to a fishing lure that flutters around in a very tantalizing way. Velvet stalks Da Bird by hiding under or behind something, and then...she STRIKES! She zips out into the open from undercover and scampers about, jumping in the air until Da Bird is hers! Another way to really loosen Velvet up is by bringing out the catnip...after sprinkling some on a towel, Velvet rolls around in it as if she has no cares in the world!

Our Velvet would do best in a home where her new family respects that there are times she enjoys attention and there are other times where she enjoys her independence. Velvet could be your one and only furry friend or she could live with another mellow and low-key cat. We are so happy that Velvet has decided to trust people again after being so disappointed by her first family. What would make us, and Velvet, even happier is finding her a new family - one that will stick with Velvet through whatever journeys this adventure we call life has to offer.

My Ideal Home looks like: Adult home only.

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