25th Anniversary

“Saving one dog [or cat] will not change the world, but surely for that one [animal], the world will change forever.” - Karen Davison, Canine Psychologist


2020 marks RESCUE’s 25th year of service to the abandoned dogs and cats of Maricopa County. In that time, RESCUE has “changed the world” for over 14,000 dogs and cats - and the fortunate, loving families who adopted them. With the dedicated support of our amazing volunteers and our generous supporters RESCUE has been able to provide these animals with a second chance. 


Oscar was one of those saved 14,000 lives. In celebration of RESCUE’s 25th year, and in honor of Oscar, his adoptive family have set up the Oscar Giving Memorial Fund. They have generously offered to match ALL donations up to $25,000. Make a donation today for $25 and your donation automatically becomes $50. $100 becomes $200, $500 becomes $1,000.  


As a volunteer-driven organization these funds are essential in continuing RESCUE’s mission - for every animal adopted, we are back to rescue another, focusing on the abandoned dogs and cats currently at Maricopa County Animal Control and the Humane Society. Some of our volunteers have been with RESCUE for nearly all of our twenty-five years. Dozens of our loving volunteers have supported our mission for more than ten years. With this strong and dedicated foundation, we are able to make the most of ever dollar generously donated. While we work to find caring, permanent homes for each rescued animal, funds are needed to house, feed, and provide medical care, while all important snuggles, playtime, and TLC is provided by our volunteers. 


In addition to taking advantage of the opportunity to double your donation with the Oscar Giving Memorial Fund, for our 25th anniversary RESCUE is asking our community to join our 25 for 25 Campaign by committing to a $25 monthly donation for 25 months. Our target goal is $125,000, which equates to 125 additional dogs and cats saved who currently are facing a tragic and uncertain fate.


Please join our efforts. Any donation, large or small, contributes to our ability to continue changing the world for Maricopa’s abandoned pets. Visit the RESCUE website to learn about other ways you can support and participate in our efforts. 


“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”     

- Kathy Calvin, United Nations Foundation