Sylvester Project

Since RESCUE's inception in 1995 we have seen many things change.  When we started there were very few rescue groups helping dogs and cats at our local shelters.  Now there are over 100 rescue groups helping the tens of thousands of dogs and cats in need every year here in Maricopa County.  

In 2002, RESCUE created a program to help dogs and cats in need of medical treatments.  These treatments saved their lives but also allowed us to find permanent loving homes for each of them.  Donations to the Apollo Program has helped hundreds of animals that would have been lost forever without the help from our animal loving community.

Now RESCUE sees the need for help senior dogs and cats coming into Animal Control and the Humane Society. Sadly, a vast majority of adopter are looking for a dog or a cat that is less than 3 years of age despite the fact that dogs live on age of 10-15+ years and cats live 15-20+ years.  It's a terrible tragedy that these dogs and cats that have so much life to live and love to give are regularly passed over. 

Please help support our efforts to save and care for these special dogs and cats by donating to the Sylvester Project.  Your donation allows us to provide care to these dogs and cats until we can find them a loving home they can call their own.  


Make an online donation to the Sylvestr Project below.

  • $300 - Platinum 
    - Long term care and support
    - Your name will be listed on our Donor Acknowledgement page. 
  • $150 - Gold
    - Arthritis medication, specialty bedding
    - Your name will be listed on our Donor Acknowledgement page. 
  • $75 - Silver
    - Senior dog and cat food


Because of your donations, these wonderful cats and dogs have been given a second chance at life.

We thank you, but more importantly, the animals thank you.