Boomer RESCUE Profile

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Sex: male

Breed: Pug

Estimated Age: 2 years

Breed: Small (10-20lbs)



Profile Details

Activity Level:
Moderate - requires a daily 30 minute walk

Grooming Requirements:
I require regular professional grooming and bathing (every 6-8 weeks)

Sociability with Dogs:
Does fine with other dogs, could live with another dog or as the only dog

General Personality:
Extremely outgoing - immediately loves everyone

Ideal Family:
Kids above 7 years (i.e. they have some impulse control) | Someone who is home a majority of the time

General Comments

 The tongues are wagging! People can’t get over at how handsome I am! Don’t let this long tongue blind you from the rest of my awesome qualities: I am playful, cuddly; I have gorgeous eyes and a coat as silky and shiny as a new penny. I have excellent leash manners and will walk to the beat of your drum. I love car rides and being held and I snuggle with every human I meet.  If you are into belly rubs, kisses, and snuggling on the couch, I am the guy for you. Because of my long elegant tongue, I eat a bit haphazardly, but I assure you, I will lick my bowl clean. If you want a little rock star that will make you smile from ear to ear, then you need to meet me.  

RESCUE History

 Boomer weighed 14 pounds when we rescued him.