Hello RESCUE!!

I am celebrating 3 wonderful years with Ozzie (formerly Finn) this weekend! When I adopted him as Finn, I had just moved to Arizona from Illinois and was in need of a companion. Ozzie and I have had many adventures in the last 3 years...road trip to Illinois where he made friends with my parents cat, moving to a new house in Maricopa where he loves to watch birds on a feeder in the backyard, and most recently, my wedding! He loves to climb Christmas trees, help with laundry (by sitting in the basket), open doors and unmake beds. My husband considers himself to be a "dog person" but loves Ozzie because he is so friendly, entertaining and sometimes it sounds like Ozzie is saying "Joe" when he meows. We are so lucky to have a wonderful little family and are looking forward to many more years with Ozzie!

Thanks again,

Jen, Joe and Ozzie


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