Our sweet beautiful girl Phaedra has been adopted and now has a wonderful new family. She is now a very cherished member of the Marquette family. The Marquette's are not new to RESCUE, Phaedra makes the third rescue dog that they have adopted over the years and now she has a wonderful mom and dad, two human sisters and a canine sister to share her life with. Becca works from home so will have plenty of time to spend with Phaedra getting her settled into her new home and routine. Holly was very excited to met Phaedra and show her their yard and share her nyla bone with. Hayden and Taylor were beside themselves to have another dog to play with and love. Phaedra was very good with them both and you could tell how much she liked them by the wag of her stub of a tail. Phaedra is in for a very spoiled life between walks, play time and trips to the cabin up north. What a wonderful life for our very special girl. We couldn't be happier for Phaedra and her new family. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that have spent time with Phaedra over the months preparing her for the next chapter in her life. Promises were made to keep us updated and hopefully we will see them at the adopters picnic in October.


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