Hello Jennifer, Thank you for the email. I am enjoying Ingrid, but I did rename her... sorry... to ZORRO... due to the mask on her face, she loves to jump and walk along my headboard... and she saved me! :) She is a funny girl.. it's like she is wanting to make me laugh. We play tag and she puts David Beckham to shame with the crunchy ball! The first night she came out and laid on the bed with me. (first pic) She now has 2 sets of pillows that she lays and watches TV with me. It does crack me up.. she just stares at it! You can tell she is enjoying the litter box built for 2 cats...She is a very sweet girl... I will indeed keep you updated. It is hard to take pics of her ... she is constantly moving except for when she is asleep. She does love catnip! :) Thank you again for such a wonderful opportunity to adopt and for the adoptee to help me!
Take care,


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