How to Adopt

Thank you for your interest in adopting an animal from RESCUE! All of our dogs and cats were taken in from Animal Control and The Humane Society. Now in our care, these wonderful cats and dogs are safe and await their permanent home. Most reside in dedicated foster homes, while the remaining are in day care facilities. For every cat and dog adopted, we are back to rescue another.


  1. Read about our MatchMaker Adoption Service 
  2. Search for a Dog or a Cat
  3. Complete a MatchMaker Information Form (MMIF)


In orde to see all of our cats and dogs available for adoption, please visit our Search for a Dog or Search for a Cat pages.  We have many cats and dogs and these pages are updated daily.


If interested in adopting, please familarize yourself with our MatchMaker Adoption Service, which creates matches between people and animals resulting in loving lifetime relationships.

Potential adopters must complete an online MatchMaker Information Form. This general questionnaire is invaluable in gathering information so that we can then do our job - finding the best possible match. Please take the time to fill it out thoroughly and thoughtfully. Our MatchMaker Adoption Service has three specific steps and will not be completed in one day. After years of rescuing animals and working with the public, we have found that it is critical that each adopter take the time to make this very important decision.

Our adoption services fee is $300 for dogs and $200 for cats.