So nice to hear from you.  We are so happy with Joel (keeping my fingers crossed that we are going to retain the name Joel :) ) and couldn't be more excited to see him every second of our day.  Each time we leave our home for a few minutes to go to the store or gym, he goes crazy with excitement the second we come back.  He gives us a lot of kisses and shows tremendous love to each of us - though I do think he loves Aida more :).  We have already given him his first bath (you can see the video here ), we have brushed his teeth with the finger toothbrush, bought him lots of toys and treats, he had his first Denta-Stick last night, we bought him a little doggy orange flavored spray, and have spoiled him so far.  He sleeps with us on the bed every night (under our feet) and sometimes sneaks up in the middle of the night to lay next to us.  We like  that a lot and feel like a big family when we are all huddled together.  I personally never felt that I would adopt a dog or even have one in the house for that matter, but after adopting Joel, I couldn't picture anything better other than having our own kids.  I don't want to say that too loud as we already told Joel he is our first child :).  We are going to the Deer Creek Animal Hospital on Saturday to get him registered and for an initial check-up.  We want to make sure we have a primary care veterinarian for him and Terry suggested that DCAH is a good place to go.  I have attached some pictures and write-ups corresponding to each photo below.  Again, thanks so much Jennifer and we will keep you posted with some better shots as all of these were off the cuff.

1. The first day we took him to my parents home, already begging for food :).  My dad was strong and didn't give him any of the juicy steak but he did however get a few kisses to hold him over :).

2. Sneaking in between Aida and I in the middle of the night.  He loves to cuddle and that's what we love about him.

3. Just hanging out at my barber shop and looking up at Aida wondering when we are going back home so he can get on the bed and play.

4. Watching daddy doing some work in his home office - loves the lap because it's warm and nice.  He knows that he is safe.

5. Hanging with mama and watching dad get his haircut.


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