Dear Jenn, Rory update! :) First of all, I have to say that it's almost creepy the way that it feels like Rory has lived here forever. We definitely "click" in every way possible. He is so smart I could probably go on and on about all of the unique things he does. Rory had his first check-up about a week after he arrived and he was given a completely clean bill of health. At the visit, we put him on Heartguard and he was microchipped. They loved him at the vet and couldn't believe how well-behaved and calm he was. After the vet visit, he got his first grooming - bath and brush, and the groomer said she got enough hair off of him to build another dog. He is constantly happy and has so much energy. I nicknamed him "Rocket Rory" when he goes down the stairs because he flies down so fast it seems like he's going to shoot out the window! He still considers the giant beanbag area "his space". When he plays with Chew-lo, he likes to jump on top of it so that they're about the same height. A couple of times they've played tug-of-war with one of their toys that way. We have some sand in the backyard that creates sort of a slope from the ground to the porch which we arranged that way for Blitzen because of his trouble walking, especially going up a step. Well, Rory LOVES the sand. He's been burying half-eaten rawhides in it and he likes sitting in it later in the day when it's cooler. Rory has specific parts of the living room that he likes to claim as his own. We a large round chair, called a "cuddle chair" that he often claims when we are all sitting in the living room watching TV. Just as often, if I'm sitting on the couch, he'll take up the other half of it, stretched out on his side or back, completely relaxed. Oh, Rory has absolutely NO problem with the doggie door anymore! He flies in and out without hesitation, especially since he discovered a gecko that hides under a trailer that we have on the side of the house. He often sneaks out there to play and try to catch it, sometimes obsessively, so we have to keep going out there and calling him in. Rory has his own bed in our of the dog "bagel beds". It took awhile to get him to understand that he couldn't sleep on the bed with us. It was pretty comical. I would get in bed, he would jump up, I'd tell him to get down but he wasn't understanding it, so I had to get out of bed so that he would jump off the bed, and then I'd start to get in the bed, and he'd jump back up on it again, and so on, like 10 times. It was so cute! It took a few days to get it down, but now when we go into the bedroom for the night, he runs in, jumps over the pillows and blankets I have around his bed because he likes to "nest", right into his bed and sits there all proud-like, as if he were awaiting a military inspection.I can't describe how awesome he is in words. He usually sleeps in his bed, but sometimes we find him on one of the two couches that we have on opposite sides of the bedroom. Just recently he discovered that he could go under the bed (he never ventured to push the bedskirt before) so a couple of times we found him sleeping under the bed, with either his nose or his tail peeking out. He LOVES to cuddle and he loves fabric, pillows, etc. It's impossible to fold towels when he's around because he thinks it's a game where he has to try to grab the towel while you're folding it and pull it away from you. He likes to nonchalantly grab things as he walks past them, especially socks, and then take off running with them. I tell ya, he does not leave us wanting for entertainment! Oh! In one of the photos I included, he's performing one of his other peculiar pastimes of bobbing for ice cubes in the water bowl. I don't really ever put ice cubes in there, but a couple of times the water came out pretty warm when I filled the bowl, so I threw a few in. Well, he keeps trying and trying to grab one in his teeth and then runs and puts it by "his" beanbag near the dining room. Then he'll run back and keep trying until he gets another one and runs to put it by the beanbag, and so on and so on. It's so funny, especially because everything he does is so he very gently picks up the ice cubes with his teeth and tiptoes away with them. After a few days of living here, Rory began to lick me on the nose when I brought my face near him. His more common sign of affection I call "nosing" - he gently keeps touching you with is nose on the face, ears, top of your head, forehead, arm, hand, etc. It's so gentle and sweet, it's adorable. He'S adorable in every way possible and he fits in here so perfectly....almost too perfectly to believe to be true, but it is. We are so happy and it definitely seems that Rory is too. Thanks for bringing us together! Lisa


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